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Creative Writing Exercise n. 5 – How do you use those words?


My father is a weird man. He likes mist and snow. He would never stand a holiday on a sunny beach, not even in the summer (well, I mean, it is actually when you go on holiday on a beach :P).
This has always caused a lot of arguments between my parents. My mum is my father’s complete opposite. She likes hot weather, sunny days and the seaside. And she is the leader of our family. That is why we have always spent summer holidays on the Côte d’Azur in France. Up to last
My father and my elder brother Danny managed to trick my mother and me making us buy they had booked an unforgettable cruise to the Maldives.
My mother and me were literally euphoric, we could not wait for it. And since the men had told us about their gift with great anticipation, we started packing in March.
It must have been such a funny game for my father and Danny because my mother and I – poor naive women – could not even imagine what our beloved relatives were planning.
Months passed and finally the day came. On a hot Tuesday morning of the hottest summer I had ever experienced, the whole family left to the harbour.
It must have been so easy for dad and Danny to pack all the winter stuff especially because, as my mum and I started packing, we were storing winter things away at the same time. So, dad and Danny must have found out where we had put them and easily taken and packed them. My mum and I had to think of much more important things.
It took a couple of minutes to my mum and me to actually realise we were not driving to the harbour at all but to the airport instead.
“What are you doing dear?” my mother asked. Her voice was already on the “I’m going to get furious if you don’t give me the right answer in a couple of seconds” – tune. My father quietly replied: “To the airport my darling.”
My mum did not dare speaking any longer. She could just not believe my father – the thought she knew better than anyone else – had deceived her. Danny and I were silent as well. He was secretly laughing – I could see how difficult it was for him not to simply burst into laughs – and I could not understand why. I was too puzzled to say or think of anything.
We finally got to the airport. My mother and I followed my father and Danny, who apparently knew quite well what they were doing. We saw them taking our luggage out of the car and we immediately recognised that it was a different set from the one my mum and I had packed together.
“I am really curious to know what on earth he has planned and why he is behaving like this!! And look at Danny! He seems to have been aware of everything all the time! This is a conspiracy, a plot to ruin my wonderful cruise!” said my mother almost crying with anger.
I had already been at the airport several times because we always travel a lot and I myself love travelling on my own too. Yet, I had never noticed the sculpture standing in the hall. It was a horse standing on its back legs, its hair lifted by the wind. It just made me think of a single word: FREEDOM.
And suddenly, I understood what was happening. We were to catch a flight to Himalaya. Well, okay, of course it was not Himalaya the place where we would land but dad told us in a neutral tone we could even forget the cruise because that time we were going to have a my dad’s-style holiday. We were going to Himalaya, to get some fresh air and to try to understand the evolution of our family. When he said this, I barely grabbed the meaning of those words so when I felt breve enough to ask he told me: “My dear, we have to acknowledge there is something wrong with our family. We seem to be the happiest family ever but we are not. Look at your mother and me. Do you think we are what people would normally call ? And you and Danny… Well, you are just victims. I first told Danny about my worries because, you know, he is a man… But now, I find it quite easy to tell you too. You are a smart young woman and of course you’ll get my point. You’re quite different from your mother. Oh, well, to be honest, your mother was like you when I got to know her…”
And when he said that I knew he was right.