Creative Writing Exercise 4 – The dogs / whatever pet you remember the most.



My sweet and fat cat ^_^

Cats! I don’t mean the musical, I mean CATS, my favourite pet. Cats might seem quite selfish and posh. They are said not to be such a good company because they prefer staying on their own. Cats just approach you when they’re hungry and their bowl is empty. So the stereotype goes.
It may not be a stereotype, there may be some truth in that but cats actually give you more satisfaction than it may seem.
I have a cat and I just love her! I must confess my whole family think she is another of us, that’s why I refer to my cat by “she” and not by “it”. I don’t actually know what cats have which is so special (–> is it okay to say so??? :s) for me and why I love them all so much. Probably, it’s because I have one and you tend to see things differently if you experience them. I mean, having a cat you discover how they are really like. It may happen that your cat is a stereotypical one but it also may not. 🙂 What I do know is that when I see a cat by chance wherever it is and no matter where I am and what I’m doing I can’t help cry out loud “cat!” A friend of mine is used to doing so and I’ve just taken up her habit. =)
Another thing I do know is that I turn white at the very thought of losing my cat. My cousin had one and when she (the cat) got too old and ill the vet injected something in her veins (the cat’s) and she (the cat) fell asleep forever. My cousin cried for I don’t remember how long. Then, she was given another cat as a present and she eventually managed to love and take care of this one as well.
My cousin’s late cat has been the very first cat I got in touch with but we didn’t have such a wonderful relationship (the cat and I). That’s why I was a bit scared of those pets and I hadn’t paid too much attention to cats until I had one. And when sometimes at night I dream of losing her I get so scared and sad. The first time I had such a nightmare I burst into tears. It was horrible. I couldn’t bear such a thought. Even if, of course, I’m aware one day it’s going to happen. I know it’s a sad and – maybe – cruel thing to say (it is macabre for sure) but it’s always better to be prepared to such things. That’s life guys.
Anyway, just to make the atmosphere pleasant again, I’m going to upload a pic of my sweet fat cat. =) Hope you’ll like it. (Okay, it was supposed to be at the end of this post but apparently I’m not able to put it wherever I want =D)


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