Creative Writing Exercise 3 – Stream Of Consciousness


I was not ready for this exercise, I thought the first part of the lesson would be about essay writing, that’s why I drank coffee. Yet now, I’m here, writing on stream of consciousness and as soon as I heard the teacher saying: “Okay, stream of consciousness exercise!” I thought “Great! I’m gonna write about all I wanna do in the next few days. Just because the thought makes me so happy and excited!”
And anyway, I’m gonna enjoy a wonderful evening at the cinema right tonight. HP 7 Part 1! In English! In a German cinema! Would you believe it without me telling you there actually is a preview in English here in Cologne (Mon. 22 Nov. 2010: yes, you probably would… :P)? Well, believe me! I just hope I’ll be there early enough to get a ticket (Mon. 22 Nov. 2010: I got the LAST one =D). I’d be very upset if I didn’t get one!
Yet this week is turning out (can you say that in English??) to be a good week. I’m gonna do so many interesting things on Sat! I’m gonna take pictures and I’m gonna visit some museums (Mon. 22 Nov. 2010: I visited just one but it was enough =D). Soooooooo exciting! I am looking so bloodily forward to it!
Anyway, as I was saying, this week is turning out to be a good one. Yesterday, I got some positive feedback from one on my English teachers here in Cologne (well, she’s my favourite one! I just worship her, love her, adore her, venerate her! I’d burningly like to bring her home with me or to make her my BFF – one of the many –> (Mon. 22 Nov. 2010: again) can you say that in English? Don’t think so yet I won’t share this piece of writing this time (Mon. 22 Nov. 2010: I’m doing it now, with you, poor guys =s) so I can write whatever I want to!! 🙂
And well, she suggested me to come back here and do an MA. Yet, I actually would like to see some new places, to go back to Sweden, to make new acquaintances (oh well, I can easily – almost – get to know new people here as well; it’s just that I would like to change air –> again, I’m not sure of the correctness of this expression. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter that much! (Mon. 22 Nov. 2010: I actually do think it does but since it wasn’t supposed to be shared, it didn’t =D)
Okay, now my mind seems to be empty. I must upload it again… Let’s see… What can I write? Oh yes! I got it! I still have so many things to do tomorrow but I won’t have time to do them today (Mon. 22 Nov. 2010: that’s why I had planned to do them the day after… so silly I am sometimes =s) because I just have to go straight to the cinema. Otherwise, I won’t be on time and I would never ever be able to forgive myself for this (Mon. 22 Nov. 2010: and I was toooootally right =D).
So, I must remember to bring everything tomorrow and print all the material I have to print. I forgot my pencil-case at home this morning and have had no time to go back and bring it. So I’ve been spending the whole day borrowing pens from whoever was sitting next to me. (Mon. 22 Nov. 2010: besides, there was my USB pen-drive in it with all the things I had to print…)
Oh my goodness, I’m too excited about HP 7!! Hope it’s not gonna be disappointing (Mon. 22 Nov. 2010: it wasn’t AT ALL!!!). I think it’s because of the coffee!! I must have been sure the first part of the lesson was about essay writing! I’m gonna fall asleep next hour and I hope I’ll be awake at the cinema (Mon. 22 Nov. 2010: I was actually falling asleep at the cinema but HP totally woke me up again!!)…
Okay, let’s try to be sensible this time and write something logic… Aha! Yes, of course I can do it! No, I’m hopeless. I don’t have anything to tell. I just don’t want to start thinking about something specific and get into a bad mood. I’m okay now and I don’t want to take the risk of making things worse (Mon. 22 Nov. 2010: is the preposition correct? According to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary it seems to be okay =D). I think I’ll have to go to an ATM and get some money because after the movie I won’t have any left. I had to upload my mobile phone card this morning and apparently there is no way to charge it with less than 15€. I had 20€ so now I just have the money for the ticket and nothing more (Mon. 22 Nov. 2010: which actually may well not interest you. Moreover, talking so openly about money issues could be seen as something quite weird… But what is not weird about me??).

How sad… I feel I’m spending so much money here and I don’t do anything to earn some. Well actually, I DON’T. 😦 It’s not just a feeling. It’s the very truth. […] (Mon. 22 Nov. 2010: I just can’t get what I wrote. My handwriting always gets worse than it usually is during these exercises… I can’t write so fast as my thoughts go so it’s always a mess!!) I must get off the U-Bahn at the right stop this time, which I didn’t do yesterday. I was late and I also dared miss the right stop. Well, I coped with that easily actually. Yet today, it is of vital importance to get off at the right stop. I’m gonna be in a part (????) of Cologne I’ve never seen before.


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