Creative Writing Exercise 2 – I didn’t actually understand what she asked us to write… So this is it!


There had been a storm the night before but on the following morning she went to the seaside anyway. Her house was just in front of the ocean and she could see its dark blue surface every time she sat in her comfortable sitting room. And yet, she was never tired of it. The ocean, the water, to her that was the origin of everything. Plants, animals, human beings. SHe felt water was her natural element. And she used to takeas walk eon the seashore every morning she spent there, no matter what the weather was like.
Since it had been so stormy the night before, the day apparently didn’t feel like waking up. The sky was grey and the colour of the water was not charming at all. It seemed like walking on a pool full of oil.
Yet, she could feel the difference. That was not oil at all. That was her beloved water, which healed her whenever she needed to be healed and which would never disappoint her – she was sure of about that.
She had got a phone call from her office very early in the morning. She had to come back on that very afternoon because everyone was going mad and they knew the only person who could solve the problem was her.
Yet, she also knew she could do nothing for her dear collegues just because she could do nothing for herself. Her life was a real mess. She worked all day at least six days a week and whenever she had the chance she just drove to the seaside to meet her dearest friend. Water. Even just for a couple of hours.
This time, she thought her pause could be longer because she was sure everything was right when she left the office on Thursday. It was Saturday. She was so taken aback that she could not even find a genuine excuse to say no. She just knew she wished she could stay on her own a bit longer. But no, she had to go.
“I’m coming back tomorrow” she said with a sad look to the water. And the ocean gently caressed her legs. She knew it had understood and wasn’t mad at her.


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